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No need to perform…

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Stoddard

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you’ve hired a fantastic videographer and photographer to capture it. So its no surprise that you’ll want everything perfect and to do all that you can to look and feel great in your photos and video.

“How should I hold my bouquet?!”
“Should I smile?!”
“Do I have lipstick on my teeth?!”

Take a breath, we do lipstick checks. 😀

We often hear of brides starting strenuous workout routines or rigorous diets, in order to fit into a stunning wedding dress that they’ll spend copious amounts of money on. No matter what you choose to do or not to do to prepare for your wedding day, you’ll still be an amazingly beautiful bride. When it comes to the wedding day, brides often feel that they need to “perform” so their photos and video look a certain way. This is one of the many things that can stress you out and that stress will show.

The Dance

Of all wedding day performances, you can’t forget your first dance as husband and wife. Couples often take dance classes to perfect their skills for their first dance, others choose to wing it or are naturally good dancers and some just sway back and forth and take it all in.
If you go with the last option, try to remember to rotate a little while you sway, so your photos and video aren’t all the same 🙂
What happens if we mess up?
Well, I’m not here to tell you how you should feel, but the way I look at it is that everyone is there to celebrate your love and happiness together, not to judge you on how well you do the tango.  But if they do, I’d say brush it off and move on to cutting the cake, they don’t get a slice.

If you cry, cry. We’ll be there to catch those tears for your film.

But what about the groom?!

First look reaction by Kaitlyn Stoddard

This is his big day too!
A topic that often comes up is whether the groom should cry when he sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day.
For many reasons, we recommend a first look, but whether you do a first look or wait until the ceremony, seeing the bride in her wedding dress can be an incredibly emotional moment and some guys just fall apart. To some, these tears of joy show how much love he has for her, but lets face it ladies, some men just aren’t cryers, and thats okay.

I know, I know, weddings are supposed to be full of fairy tales and fantasy, but lets be real for a minute;
Would you rather him fake it and do a poor job of it, or turn around to see you with a “deer in the headlights” look, because he’s worried about what he’s supposed to be doing, rather than taking in how beautiful you are?
Take a few minutes before the wedding day and talk about these special moments, so he can be prepared, not for seeing you (there’s no way to prep for that!), but so he’ll know what’s happening and not to be distracted by anything else.

Our advice?

Be you on your wedding day.

Whether it’s how you should react when you see one another for the first time on your wedding day, or what pose makes you look best in the golden hour sunlight, take in the moment and let the pros handle what we do every weekend. For the things that happen that are out of your vendors’ control, prioritize what’s important to you. Is it really worth getting upset over and letting it ruin your big day?

At Grindstone Wedding Films, we work together with your photographer to provide just enough direction for you, only when its needed. So all that’s left for you and your fiancé is to relax and be in love with one another, we’ll add that to the memory reel.

Thanks to Kaitlyn Stoddard for the use of her photos for this article.

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